Kevin Rich – Chair
Kevin is retired after working with a provincial Crown corporation for thirty-eight years as an engineer and auditor. He has extensive experience with non-profit boards.

Brenda Seib – Secretary
Brenda has extensive experience with the Health Region, as both a nurse and a unit clerk. Over the years, she has spent time volunteering with various community organizations.

Merla Parker – Treasurer
Merla has been employed by the provincial government in various capacities since 1987. Her skills in working collaboratively with community organizations have benefited many groups with whom she has worked.

Corinne Baryluk
Corinne has successfully run her own business for more than two decades. She has experience and education in the insurance industry, as well as financial planning.

Randy Clark
As the pastor of a local church, Randy knows the importance of providing Spiritual Care to patients in acute care and to residents in long-term care. During the week, Randy works as a supervisor in the provincial civil service.

Judy Whiting
Judy is retired from the health field. She has run her own successful business as well as being involved in education, spiritual care, and non-profit boards.